Earthworker Cooperative
Working our way out of climate emergency

Earthworker Cooperative

Earthworker is a community-led initiative to provide sustainable, wealth-creating jobs that empower local communities and provide clean energy solutions.

Earthworker is setting up an Australia-wide network of community owned cooperatives, beginning with Eureka’s Future – a worker owned factory to manufacture high quality solar hot water systems in Dandenong, and then Morwell, in the heart of Victoria’s coal-burning LaTrobe Valley. Find out more about Eureka’s Future here.

Forging unlikely alliances between trade unionists, environmentalists and small manufacturers, the project is a powerful and positive endeavour to revitalise local economies, address climate change, and assist a ‘just transition’ from fossil fuel to clean renewable energy.

Earthworker is helping to create new ways to meet our needs – fostering fair, democratic workplaces, local manufacturing, strong communities and sustainable technologies.

Order a solar hot water system or become a member to support this project today!

Earthworker Cooperative – Cooperatives run by worker-owners where the jobs stay in our communities