Earthworker Energy

Earthworker Energy

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative (formerly Eureka’s Future), the first Earthworker worker-owned factory – will manufacture and sell high quality solar hot water technology in Victoria’s coal-dominated Latrobe Valley. The cooperative will provide dignified and democratic employment in the region, whilst producing important energy-saving renewable energy technology.

Earthworker’s surround a hot water tank in the Morwell factory where they will be manufactured. 

After years of preparation and an impressive capital raising effort by community members of the Earthworker Cooperative – which saw the acquisition of manufacturing equipment and intellectual property from a long-standing reputable manufacturer – we are now on the cusp of manufacturing at our factory in the Latrobe Valley.

With the Victorian Government announcing dedicated funding to support the Latrobe Valley community through industrial transition, and with the region’s old power stations drawing towards the end of their lives, there has never been a better time to get Earthworker Energy established.

With your support, we can bring manufacturing jobs and skills back into our communities, and build the renewable energy technology we need to address the climate crisis. Donate to support the project, become an Earthworker member or get in touch and find out how you can get involved.

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