Winners are Grinners

Megan Clarke spoke with Steven Diston and partner Lorena at their lovely home in Bunyip. Steven was delighted to win the Eureka’s Future solar hot water system in the silent auction at the John Cummins Memorial Fundraising Event in 2015.

After exploring their marvelous vegetable garden, we sat down together to discuss Steven’s installed Eureka’s Future solar hot water system.

‘The cost of powering our hot water system was killing us. It’s like an oven running all the time… so we were looking for one of these systems.

The Eureka Future’s Bolt On reduces our electricity needs, and works even better in conjunction with our solar panels.

You just have to see past the initial investment price, and consider the long-term savings. We have saved $30 a month on our electricity bill since installing the Eureka’s Future Bolt On.”

Steven is an electrician and Electrical Trade Union (ETU organizer),

“Running this system means one less circuit you have to operate. This would definitely save material and labour costs in a new installation.”

Steven emphasised the wider community and environmental advantages:

“If you can make a positive environmental impact and gain an economic benefit, why wouldn’t you? It makes sense. The government has an initiative around low energy light globes. There would be a larger impact in cost savings by developing an initiative for solar hot water systems. The Earthworker Cooperative initiative needs to be embraced by our governing bodies. It is the government’s role to educate our communities, and provide us with these new technologies.”