100,000 Australians Campaign

100,000 Australians Campaign

For as little as $22 you can join our campaign –
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Join Earthworker in our ‘100,000 Australians Campaign’ and support cooperative renewable energy manufacturing.
If 100,000 Australians become Earthworker supporters for $22 each, we’ll have all we need to set up our Morwell factory – providing locally made renewable energy products, and much needed green jobs in the coal-dominated Latrobe Valley.
Funds raised through the 100,000 Australians Campaign go towards acquiring the first cooperative factory.

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Please help us spread the word so we can reach our goal of 100,000 Australians. Like and share our pages on facebook and twitter.

Logo_EF-300x201Eureka’s Future Worker Cooperative

Eureka’s Future will produce and install high-quality Australian-made solar hot water systems providing renewable energy technology to address climate change, and providing much needed green jobs for the Latrobe Valley community.

Eureka’s Future will be the first Earth Worker co-operative and will be the model for future Earth Worker co-operatives to be set up across Australia.

The project is a powerful, positive and unifying endeavour to address climate change, revitalise and empower local economies, and assist a fair transition from fossil fuel to clean renewable energy. To find out more click here.

Eureka’s Future is starting to manufacture NOW through industry partners, but needs your support to establish our first worker-owned factory in Morwell.



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