About Us

About Us

Earthworker Co-operative is a community-led initiative working to provide local, sustainable, wealth-creating jobs that will contribute to a healthy planet and a safe climate.


Our mission is to respond to the challenges of climate change and the need for local job creation, by facilitating the establishment of worker-owned cooperatives focused on social and environmental sustainability.

Our principal project is supporting the establishment of Eureka’s Future, a worker-owned factory in Morwell, in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley. Eureka’s Future will produce and install high-quality Australian-made solar hot water systems – providing much needed jobs for the coal-dominated Latrobe Valley community, and producing renewable energy systems that reduce household energy use and costs.

Through innovative partnerships, we are manufacturing NOW – CLICK HERE to see or order our solar hot water systems.

Eureka’s Future will be the first Earthworker co-operative, and will provide a model for future Earthworker co-operatives to be set up across Australia.

We are pioneering business model which incorporates the agreements which unions and employers across Australia negotiate (EBAs: Enterprise Bargaining Agreements). This approach establishes a collective market for household solar hot water that will both support sustained demand for our locally-made systems, and provide access to money-saving solar energy for thousands of households across the country. In partnership with customer-owned BankMECU, we have arranged a special low-interest loan for people to pay-off a Eureka’s Future solar hot water system, allowing more people to enjoy the cost savings of solar.

Earthworker Co-operative is made up of a diverse collection of people from many walks of life, and we welcome new members.
We are workers, environmentalists, businesspeople, trade unionists, academics, carers and more – people who want to see locally-driven solutions to our impending job and climate crises.
What makes Earthworker so unique and exciting is its ability to unite groups from across the spectrum, from historically divided groups like coal-power station workers and Quit Coal activists, from family businesses to leading economists like Ross Garnaut. To read more about our prominent supporters and endorsers: click here.




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