Become an Earthworker!

Earthworker is a cooperative – that means we are a collective of members who own a share in the cooperative and decide democratically how we will direct our efforts and resources.

Earthworker members have come together because we share a vision of a better world. Together we support the growth of Earthworker’s ecosystem of worker-owned cooperatives – enterprises that will provide dignified and secure jobs, while producing goods and services that benefit our communities and the planet.

Ellie & Anna ready to sign up new members.

How do I become a member?

Just fill in the secure form HERE and make a contribution according to your membership type:

Unwaged Membership $44 / Waged Membership $70 / Solidarity Membership $95+

All membership options include 1 share in the cooperative (valued at $42) plus transaction fees, with the remainder being a donation to the project. Please contact us if cost is a barrier.

Already a member? Not sure? It may be time to renew your membership

At our recent Special General Meeting (Link to SGM article), we approved updated Rules for Earthworker which allowed us to introduce an annual subscription fee for members.  This was a vital step in clarifying our expectations of members, ensuring the ongoing engagement of active members and the long-term financial security and sustainability of our volunteer-driven grassroots project.

To retain their membership, existing members are asked to make a yearly contribution of $25 (unwaged) / $70 (waged) / $95 (solidarity), OR a monthly direct debit of $10 or more.

If you became a member over a year ago, you will recently have received an email with instructions. Please email Anna at anna (at) with any queries.

Who can become a member? Any individual or organisation who wants to supports the project!

What do members do? Our members choose to participate in various ways. Some do the minimum of contributing membership fees and cheering the project on from the sidelines, others also attend General Meetings to have a say in electing our board and other major decisions. Some become volunteer organisers who help out with our day to day operations. All contributions are very important and welcome!

Thanks to all our comrades (and comrades to be!) for being part of this important work.

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