The BOLT-ON is a highly efficient, stand-alone solar hot water system, designed to produce all the hot water required in residential and small-medium commercial settings. When coupled with a top-quality 'Solar Ready' water storage tank, you have all you need to go solar and save up to 75% of your hot water heating costs or up to one third of your household electricity bill (compared to electric element or gas bottle water heaters) – that’s around $600 per year for the average family home!

BOLT-ON Solar Heat Pump

BOLT-ON Solar Heat Pump

400-400-cThe BOLT-ON is a great solar option for renters, because it does not require solar panels on the roof, is easy to install and is portable.

Advantages (in a nutshell) of going solar with Eureka’s Future’s first solar hot water system, the BOLT-ON solar heat pump:
  • Huge energy and cost savings – save up to 75% of your hot water heating costs and up to one third of your household electricity bill (Compared to electric element or gas bottle water heaters) – that’s a saving of around $600 for the average family home
  • Special fixed low interest loan from bankmecu means you can pay it off over 5 years with flexible repayment options
  • No roof-top solar panels required – does not need direct sunlight, so can be placed in the shade. Can heat water day and night in any temperature between -5°C and 45°C
  • Is light (under 60kgs) and portable – so is great for renters or those moving house
  • Can be easily paired with solar PV (photo-voltaic) panels for completely free hot water.
  • Can be retrofitted to most existing hot water storage tanks – no need to chuck out your current tank (but you can upgrade to our top-rated ‘Solar Ready’ tank & qualify for significant government rebates)
  • Can be used to boost existing or large scale hot water systems, or with hydronic heating system
  • Exclusive 5 year warranty on BOLT-ON and 15 year warranty on tank
  • VERY EFFICIENT – 1kW/h of power yields 3.6 kW/h of heat at 20°C, efficiency rises by more than 20% per 10°C rise in air temperature.
  • Your purchase supports local, cooperative renewable energy manufacturing!


Hot water storage tanks
The BOLT-ON can be retrofitted with existing hot water storage tanks – just unplug your existing heating system and ‘bolt on the BOLT-ON’.
However, if you need to buy a completely new system, or want to upgrade to the most efficient system possible, you can also purchase a Eureka’s Future stainless steel water storage tank. In partnership with local business Everlast, Eureka’s Future is starting to manufacture ‘Solar Ready’ hot water storage tanks through Everlast’s factory in Dandenong. These stainless steel water tanks are the highest rated insulating tanks on the market, and are designed especially to be compatible with solar hot water (as well as gas or electric systems). To maximise the efficiency of your hot water system, having the highest quality insulated storage tank will mean you lose very little heat from your stored water.

Pay off your system effortlessly with an Earthworker bankmecu fixed low-interest loan
Through our partnership with Australia’s first customer owned bank, bankmecu, Earthworker members are eligible for a special fixed low-interest loan to pay off a Eureka’s Future solar hot water system over 5 years. The loan has flexible repayment options. For more information, see:

PJT Green Plumbing (another Earthworker Partner) is quoting around $700 for full installation of new system.

* please note this prices are approximate and must be confirmed at point of sale. Installation & delivery costs not included.

BOLT-ON Solar Heat Pump (no tank)

BOLT-ON Solar Heat Pump & Tank Package (250L Tank)

BOLT-ON Solar Heat Pump & Tank Package (315L Tank)

FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REBATE (eligible in all states and territories).
Buyers of the BOLT-ON can receive a rebate of approximately $1000 of Small-scale Technology Certificates, or STCs, through Federal Government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). For more information, click here.

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How does the BOLT-ON work?
The BOLT-ON uses a reverse application of the technology found in household fridges, utilising the solar heat present in the air around the unit. The unit contains a refrigerant that boils at -26°C, This means that at any air temperature hotter than this, the refrigerant liquid becomes a gas, which can be compressed. When you compress air it gets hot (like when you put your finger over a bike pump and pump!). The BOLT-ON uses a very small amount of electricity (enough for household PV solar panels to power) in order to run a compressor. This compresses the refrigerant gas to superheat at 95°C. This heat is used to heat your hot water via the BOLT-ON’s Dynamic Cycle heat exchanger, and the water then goes to your water storage tank, ready to be used.
For more information about heat pump technology click here.
CLICK HERE to download a detailed brochure for the BOLT-ON, which is designed by Australian company and Earthworker partner, Siddons Solarstream

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