The BOLT-ON is a highly efficient, stand-alone solar hot water system, designed to produce all the hot water required in residential and small-medium commercial settings. When coupled with a top-quality 'Solar Ready' water storage tank, you have all you need to go solar and save up to 75% of your hot water heating costs or up to one third of your household electricity bill (compared to electric element or gas bottle water heaters) – that’s around $600 per year for the average family home!

BOLT-ON Solar Heat Pump

BOLT-ON Solar Heat Pump

Visit the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative website for solar hot water inquiries:

Earthworker Energy is now taking orders for our premium solar hot water products direct from the public.

Request a quote for an Earthworker Energy Solar Hot Water system, including our new high performing CO2 heat pump, Bolt-On, or a range evacuated tube solar hot water systems.

Save money, reduce pollution, create local manufacturing jobs and help the Latrobe Valley transition to a clean energy hub with solar hot water & energy solutions “Made in Morwell”.

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