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Donate to get the Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Co-op Cranking!

Earthworker.jpgWith Hazelwood’s closure looming, the need for support at all levels for workers and the Latrobe Valley community is enormous. The need for dignified, sustainable employment opportunities in the Latrobe Valley has never been greater.

Earthworker are currently setting up Earthworker Energy, a renewable energy manufacturing co-operative.  Through community investment, we have a factory site full of machinery in Morwell, and the skills and know-how to get it up and running.  We are asking the Victorian Government to install our locally-made solar hot water systems and battery technology into public housing – which would not just kick-start co-operative manufacturing jobs, it would also reduce power bills for low-income households, reduce pollution and upgrade public building stock.

In the meantime, you can help usstart putting the factory equipment to work and generating a working income.  We have a laser-cutter that could be used to cut steel for a number of small sustainable business initiatives in the Valley, but it needs an $8,000 software upgrade to enable the equipment to be used in this way.

Your donation would help us get our equipment earning an income to pay the factory rent while we work with government to get the public housing solar hot water initiative off the ground.  This is a concrete way you can support the Latrobe Valley’s transition and get this factory literally cranking!

As a proud affiliate of Friends of the Earth (ABN: 18 110 769 501), your donation to Earthworker is fully tax-deductible foe-logo-color-vertical-WEB-transp.png

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