Donate to Earthworker Cooperative

“The Earthworker Cooperative project represents an innovative and practical way to address climate change whilst providing dignified, community-sustaining livelihoods – an exciting and tangible step in a ‘just transition’ and an inspiring example of cleaner, fairer economies” Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary (2010-2016), UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Donate now to help build a thriving cooperative economy across Australia and to support existing Earthworker cooperatives Earthworker Energy and Redgum Cleaning.

All donations processed through the credit card payment form on this page are tax deductible through our affiliation with Friends of the Earth. Donations made through our bank account (see details below) go directly to Earthworker, however they are not tax deductible.

If you do not have a credit card and would still like to make a donation please use our bank account details:
Account Name: Earthworker Cooperative
BSB: 313 140 (Bank Australia)
Account Number: 12024718

Become a member of Earthworker Cooperative
Please consider becoming a member to be actively involved in the just-transition to a cleaner and fairer economy. Membership contributions give us a stable and regular income so we can plan ahead and spend less time fundraising. This provides vital financial security for our ongoing work.

Earthworker Cooperative