Earthworker Energy Makes the Move

Almost 30 champion Earthworker volunteers turned out on Sunday 20th August for a big Working Bee at the new manufacturing cooperative factory space in Morwell.

A massive day of dusting, cleaning, moving equipment, inspiring conversations and cooperation in action. It was wonderful to see some dusty factory offices that had been sitting empty & idle in Morwell for many years, abuzz with volunteers preparing the space for active local cooperative occupants.

Our factory floor is another step closer to full production of premium solar hot water tanks (and now much less dusty!). Some steel tanks have been produced for testing and certification, and step-by-step (as a community-funded project) we’re continuing to commission the complete production line.

Thanks again to the incredible volunteers – the cooperative is nothing without the active involvement of members. It was inspiring to see such generosity, commitment to building a better world, and cooperative spirit.

We’ve still a way ahead yet, but we’re on the move!

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