Earthworker meets (& impresses) UNFCC Head Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres, Earthworker Coopeative, Voices of the ValleyMay 6th 2015

Earthworker Cooperative organisers Dave Kerin, Colin Long and Dan Musil attended a special meeting with the Executive Director of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Christiana Figueres, during her visit to Australia in May.

Ms Figueres was visiting Australia in the lead up to the International Climate Change negotiations to take place in Paris later this year, and requested a special meeting with Earthworker as well as representatives of the Latrobe Valley Community.

Along with inspiring grassroots Latrobe Valley advocacy group, Voices of the Valley, Earthworker spent over an hour discussing the urgent need for, and political barriers to, a fast and just transition for communities like the Latrobe Valley.

Christiana was deeply moved in hearing about the pollution challenges facing the Latrobe Valley community now, the inaction of our governments in planing & building cleaner, fairer futures, and by (our!) Earthworker Cooperative’s vision and work for worker-owned renewable energy manufacturing. She has since written a letter of endorsement, saying:

“I highly commend all the work the Earthworker Cooperative is undertaking to transition towards a low-carbon economy, and was especially delighted to read about the establishment of the first worker-owned renewable energy manufacturing plant. This Earthworker Cooperative project represents an innovative and practical way to address climate change whilst providing dignified, community-sustaining livelihoods — an exciting and tangible step in a ‘just transition’, and an inspiring example of cleaner, fairer economies”

We were honoured yesterday to meet with Christiana, and were were stirred by her enduring commitment to global action on climate and a just transition. There is hope yet!

Read Christiana’s Letter HERE.


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