Earthworker training camp

Earthworker training camp

In March 2017, Earthworker held a Training Camp at Wurrruk’an, a beautiful eco-village in Moe, in the Gunai district of Gippsland. This was a great opportunity for new and experienced Earthworker members to come together, share stories and develop plans for the future.

Smiling faces after a tour of the factory

Training Camp was an invaluable opportunity for Earthworker members to take quality time together to reflect, learn skill-share, strategise and plan.

Dan shows off a hot water tank in the factory

Hearing from our elders about critical, inspiring and important lessons from our history AND welcoming in new energy, ideas and active organisers was nourishing, inspiring, and productive.

Here are some comments from people who came along:

“Visiting the Eureka’s Future factory was a main highlight of the weekend. It was exciting to see Earthworker’s vision culminating together in Morwell.”  Megan

“Training camp showed me the wonderful collective spirit of Earthworker. The Organisers demonstrated their dedication to the local Latrobe Valley community as they offered the opportunity for us newbies to get involved.” – Natalie

“It was great to hear from elders of the Earthworker project, and gain a better understanding of how deeply our fight for environmental justice ties in with the struggle for fair worker conditions.  Our setting at the beautiful Wurruk’an and the 5 minute Qi Gong stretch sessions lead by Dave were the perfect practice demonstrating that our most creative energies and ideas come when we share a connectedness of our minds and bodies with the environment around us.” – Laura


“We continue to build the road as we travel, stronger, smarter, better informed thanks to weekends like this. Massive thanks to Tia, Mark, Laura and others who helped organise, and to Wurruk’an for hosting and participating!” – Dan

Workshop – some Latrobe Valley history from Ron

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