Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water

Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water
20 tube

Ultra-efficient (roof-top) Evacuated Tube Solar Collector

Heat your water with the power of the sun, with an ultra-efficient evacuated tube solar hot water system, designed by Australian company, SolarArk. The design of the cylindrical evacuated tubes allows maximum absorption of the suns energy to convert it to heat –simple.

This roof-top technology is perfectly suited to work with Eureka’s Future Solar Ready water storage tanks, and when combined into a complete solar hot water system, are eligible for approx $1000 worth of STC rebates!

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Advantages (in a nutshell) of going solar with evacuated tube technology:

  • Save up to 90% per year off your water heating power consumption
  • Superior strength against hail and impact damage
  • Self-cleaning. No mould build up. No performance drop-off
  • Easy installation, no heavy lifting equipment required, cheaper install cost
  • Industry leading 15 year warranty on Solar Collector & Stainless steel tanks
  • SolarArk Evacuated Tubes Collectors are rated as having the highest Solar Savings of any evacuated tube solar collector system.
  • Triple Target Tube = 96% efficiency
  • SolarArk Registered Design Heat-exchanger manifold 12-25% more efficient than other designs.
  • High heat transfer with accelerated start up time heat pipe with excellent anti-freezing performance
  • Higher STC ratings than other technologies or any Evacuated Tubes competitors
Eureka's Future 'Solar Ready' Water Tank

Eureka’s Future ‘Solar Ready’ Water Tank

bankmecu – helping you make the switch to solar
Through our partnership with Australia’s first customer owned bank, bankmecu, all Earthworker members are eligible for a special fixed low rate to help them make an effortless switch to solar. For more information on the special offer and details on how to apply, see:

Earthworker partner, PJT Green Plumbing, can organise your installation. Standard installations usually cost between $2000 , depending on your particular situation.

Government rebate information:
FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REBATE (eligible in all states and territories).
Buyers of this renewable energy system can receive between up to approx $1000 of Small-scale Technology Certificates, or STCs, through Federal Government’s Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). These rebates can be claimed by the buyer after purchase.


20 tube collector plus 250L stainless steel tank (suitable for households of 2-4 people)
Before rebate:  $3,690 incl GST + installation / After STC rebates (approx $950): $2,740 incl GST + installation

30 tube collector plus 315L stainless steel tank (suitable for households of 2-5 people)
Before rebate:  $3,990 incl GST + installation / After STC rebates (approx $1200): $2,990 incl GST + installation

Complete installation valve kit = $279

NOTE: Evacuated Tube systems are available in a variety different configurations and sizes, and can be customised to your particular situation. Contact us if you’re interested in configurations other than those listed above.


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How does Evacuated Tube solar hot water work?
Evacuated tube solar collectors consist of a heat exchanger and a series of heat collector tubes.  The tubes have a vacuum between an inner and outer layers of borosilicate, a toughened glass. The tubes absorb and retain heat from the atmosphere. Inside the tubes are sealed copper heat pipes containing a small amount of liquid which vapourises and rises to the top of the heat pipes. The water from the tank flows through the heat exchanger manifold at the top of the collector. It absorbs the heat from condenser at the top of the heat pipe and returns the heated water to the storage tank. For more information from SolarArk, our local industry partner and designer of this evacuated tube system, click here


The road to manufacturing in our own right
It is thanks to our unique partnerships with small local businesses, Everlast, Siddons Solarstream, and SolarArk, that Eureka’s Future is able to start production now, even before we establish the first Eureka’s Future factory in our own right.
Everlast has been manufacturing water tanks in Dandenong for years, and despite the overwhelming trend of sending production offshore, remains committed to supporting and maintaining local manufacturing. Earthworker is now starting to manufacture our high quality stainless steel water tanks through Everlast’s Dandenong factory. This will allow us to start training workers, and build our capacity to expand this process into our own factory in Morwell.
Through Australian company, SolarArk, we have an agreement to manufacture components of evacuated tube solar hot water systems here in Australia. Currently, many of these components are made overseas. We will take on manufacturing components of these systems right here in worker-owned factories. As our capacity increases, we aim to manufacture more and more components of the overall systems.
With your support, we can bring manufacturing jobs and skills back into our communities, and build the renewable energy technology we need to address the climate crisis. Each system we produce and sell now is a step towards manufacturing in our own right in Morwell.

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