It’s a (Water)mark! Stamp of Approval for Co-op Factory

Dan Musil gives an update on Earthworker’s manufacturing co-op in Morwell. 

Earthworker Energy Manufacturing Cooperative passed a major milestone this month with attainment of Watermark certification for our solar hot water products, following satisfactory laboratory tests and a successful factory inspection last Friday. This means we can now start distributing our products country-wide with the legally-required Watermark approval!

Setting up the steel electrics at the factory

Image: Steel electrics getting rigged up at the Factory

Full set-up of the Morwell factory is progressing well, with important electrical work completed last week and commissioning of our newly arrived foaming machine to begin in the coming week. Assistance from a number of Earthworker volunteers has really helped factory coordinator Dave and ex-Everlast worker Anthony keep things moving.

Our aim is to have some full tanks completed by the end of the year, and we’ve had a number of prospective worker-owners visit the factory over the past couple of months in preparation for commencing production proper. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities for members to pre-order our first batches of solar hot water products in the New Year!

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