Become an Earthworker – support our work today!

Earthworker is itself a cooperative – one that was started and that continues to be led by dedicated volunteers. We have been generously supported by a wide range of individuals, trade unions, faith groups, environmental groups and our industry partners.

Please join us to support existing Earthworker cooperatives Earthworker Energy and Redgum Cleaning and help us build a thriving cooperative economy across Australia.

Your support is vital for this project. Become a member of the Earthworker Cooperative and be actively involved in the just-transition to a cleaner and fairer economy. Contributing on a monthly basis gives us a stable and regular income so we can plan ahead and spend less time fundraising! This provides vital financial security for our ongoing work. As we like to say, we run on the idea of the smell of an oily rag, so every contribution counts and is greatly appreciated.

Other Membership Options:
Annual Unwaged Membership $44
Annual Waged Membership $70

All membership options include 1 share in the cooperative (valued at $42) plus transaction fees, with the remainder being a donation to the project. To maintain your membership after the first year you will be asked to pay a yearly subscription fee of $25 (unwaged) or $70 (waged).

Before signing up as a member please read the Active Membership Requirements.

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