Our Partnerships

Earthworker considers building broad alliances as a key part of our work, including the bringing together often divided groups like trade unionists, environmentalists and small businesses. It is through such unique partnerships that we are able to start manufacturing now – and in doing so, build our capacity to manufacture in our own right, train workers, and raise the money to start the first worker-owned factory, Eureka’s Future in Morwell.

Australia’s first customer-owned bank, bankmecu, has partnered with Earthworker to offer special low-interest loans to Earthworker Co-operative members and workers with an Earthworker Clause in their EBA. These loans are available for purchasing Eureka’s Future solar hot water system mean it’s never been easier to make the switch to solar today! For more information on how to take advantage of this great offer, visit: www.bankmecu.com.au/earthworker.

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Everlast is a long-established small manufacturer based in Dandenong, who produce the highest quality water storage tanks on the Australian market. Everlast has been an Earthworker partner from the beginning. Stainless steel tanks for our systems will be produced through Everlast’s factory until, with support from Everlast, we set up our own factory in Morwell.

Siddons Solarstream
Siddons is a local family business, innovator, and Earthworker supporter. Siddons have designed a new highly efficient, portable solar heat pump – the BOLT-ON – that is an easy solar hot water option for renters, apartment dwellers or those with low sun exposure. Earthworker will progressively take on manufacturing more and more components of this exciting system, reversing the trend of sending manufacturing offshore.

SolarArk is a leading manufacturer of high quality, high performance solar hot water systems in Australia.

Endless Solar
Solar water heating technology

Plumbing network

Douglas Solar
Flat panel solar hot water system

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