‘Solar Ready’ Water Tank

Eureka's Future 'Solar Ready' Water Tank

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Why replace your old water tank with a ‘Solar Ready’ tank?

Earthworker Energy Solar Ready Tanks are electric hot water storage tanks with an additional 4 ports. They are designed this way to be easily connected to solar hot water panels when you are ready to upgrade to solar without the need to change the tank, you’re already to go!

The design is ideal if you need to replace your existing tank due to failure but are not ready financially for a complete solar system. With a full manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years you have plenty of time to upgrade to full solar in the future and start $aving!

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Benefits of Eureka’s Future Solar Ready Tank:

  • Stainless Steel Cylinder – Long life full 15 year warranty (Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel).
  • Delivers 513 litres of water (315lt), 415 litres (250lt) and 265 litres (160lt) at 50°C with a tempering valve fitted.
  • Much lighter than glass lined heaters.
  • Rust and damage resistant plastic outer.
  • No anode – can be transported lying down without damaging the product.
  • Superior Incolly hard water elements as standard.
  • MEPS: Highest minimum energy performance ratings (MEPS) and heat insulation ratings of any tank currently available.
  • Fully Solar Ready when you are ready to upgrade to solar hot water
  • Superior solar performance and Greater $avings compared to inferior glass lined models.
  • Creating sustainable manufacturing jobs that never leave our shores.

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